Friday, June 8, 2012


(kot2 1 ari t ank2 nak tau cmne I jmpe Daddy diorang..)
here it goes,
AND ABOUT 6 OR 7 YEARS BACK,HALIM AND I "DECLARED".hahahahha....mcm haram..mase time skola dulu salu je gune term declare meclare,wait..on that time,i was at Jengka and he was at Arau..i remembered the was 12th Feb...

Yes, people..we "met" in cyber world..tet..tet..tet...I just realized that first time he simply said that he just want to hear the caller ringtone(crazy frog)..muahahahaha...he got my num as his old friend during his pre-science used my phone to called him(i guess).. actually we 'met' after a few months later.crap giler la..hahahaha..jumpa kat bus stop Temerloh..kanak2 btol la..

after the first meeting(nangis2 bengkak2 mate knon sedih at the bus stop..hahahahahah..giler),then we officially dating 2-3 times a year(giler maklum..jau kan we have to save money and ikat perut to meet each other and we made it 2-3 times..ok la dr xde lgsg..ok what jarak jau ni..) the rest of time we connected through phone(public phone actually..and i kept changing my note to coins to call and bergayut sakan with him) all night after 11(knon2 pas siap wat asigmnt and study..)..sgt geli je kan..but yes,it was..and wait..on that time,i became angau..tidur xlena,mandi xbasah,makan xkenyang.. ok,itu sume tipu..tidur lena,mandi of course basah,malah makan memang melebih2..hahahaha

so,that was how i met your daddy anak2..

p/s: ank2 mummy lau nk b'cinta make sure abiskan study with result yang gmpak2 ye nak..tu dia..last2,baru ada pengajaran..ok,baiii..


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    1. hihihihi..xde la reena..biase2 je..cite pasal org biase n relationship yang biase..reena moh la share gak experience ngn bf..hihihihi