Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cerita nenek dan cucu..

mcm biase,bile preggy ni,msti salu je nk update sal hal ngndung kan..tp sblm tu..jom kite same2 sdkahkan al-fatihah dulu for my the only,lovely,adorable ummi...TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!(al-fatihah)..well,her brthday also remind me that next week will be the 1st year for all of us of losing her(that was 23rd jan 2012)..klau ummi masih ade,msti wktu birthday die,kami ramai2 akn sing the official birthday song..best je bile cmtu..tp xpe,let the memory remain..and u all,we agreed to have kenduri tahlil on the 26th jan 2013 at serkam..jom dtg klau u all free..ha,xlupe gak,as today is ummi birthday,so next month on the feb 16th will be our the most charming,good-looking abah bithday..semoga ummi and abah sentiasa tenang di sana..kami pasti akn menyusul nanti..semoga kite semua berakhir dgn baik..LOVE U BOTH DARLING!

i am currently 5mnth pregnants and of course off from my regular size..im getting bigger than previous(mase xngandung pon memg dh menggajah!)..but now,im look like a whale!huh!i must follow all the pantang larang mase pntang nanti and sahut cbaran mr.husband to be like a super model or jelitawan..YES,I MUST!

i do have strech mark and it make me worried and i try to overcome it by applying baby lotion and baby oil since im slowly expanding day by day...i also choose to read more and my favourite book during this time is 'The Baby Bible' by Barron..it give me better understanding and suitable for me as i have no ummi to refer to..

i feel overwhelmed to have u my baby!baby tau x,everyday daddy xpnah miss to talk to you as he want u to be familiar of his voice so that bile baby kluar nanti,bile baby dgr sore,baby tau,that is your daddy!do u know syg how great he is?i'll gonna tell u soon about your super daddy!

nota bontot: 
>i can't wait to see all my sibling during this becoming week!i miss u all sayang!
>thank you husband for your attention.im happy to have u!
>whatever the outcome,thank you Allah for giving me the chance to feel the existance of this little caliph in my womb!alhamdulillah

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