Sunday, July 7, 2013


deiii..apa daa..lame ko tggelam..hehehehe..

ok2..hi u all..i'm back after a long2 last update was about a few months ago..(mase blm deliver g..n skg im back as a mummy of a son..Alhamdulillah,wktu i karang(ape daa karang)ayt cinta untk u all kali ni..i am 41st days of my confinement..a few days to go..

so,having a baby is the most amazing experience(u all kat lua sane pon msti stuju kn) i deliver secara ceaserian(operate la mknenye) baby is not too big and not even too small..i had a complication during pregnancy so that i had to deliver by dat blood pressure was too high at the end of pregnancy..Alhamdulillah,at the end, on the 29th May at 12.37am,Qaliff was here im proudly introduce u my anak soleh..Muhammad Qaliff Amsyar Bin Abdul Halim..

anak soleh mummy and ayah

nota bontot;

1- ye I tau byk g cite xd'update..nanti la ae..
2-tq b sbb ade ngn I mase nk deliver Qaliff..hanya ade Allah,my husband n me only during dat time..I tau u msti ase debar lebih kn syg?tp xpe,we managed to face it!now we already have Qaliff!
3-tq family members,kwn2 yg jauh o dkat yg sudi dtg lwat mummy and baby..
4-salam ramadhan buat semua..cpt sgguh mase berlalu..and this is our first year with Qaliff but without abah..and second without ummi..

ok nanti entry lain kite crite pnjang..mase singkat sbb Qaliff need full pon mummy curik mase sbb wndu blog!(bole cmtu?)

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